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The White Hart in Caldmore is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Walsall and dates back to at least 1603. wonders how many roofers have repaired the roof in all this time or if it has never been repaired before?

If you have a property that dates back to the 17th century or you have a modern day semi-detached new build our team of roofers in Walsall can help fix any problem no matter how unique.

Maybe you're planning a building project and need to find a reliable Walsall roofer that is trustworthy and competitive.

Whatever you need one of our professionals for, promises to source only the most skilled roofers in Walsall and guarantees to give you choice with up to six local roofers giving you a free quotation.

From re-felting to finding the best materials our handpicked experts will deliver a first class service every time, leaving you in the knowledge you are in our safe hands.


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Roofs for domestic extensions can be produced by our talented Walsall roofing experts

You will benefit greatly from hiring a reputable roofing firms in Walsall if you're having an extension built on your property. The first thing you will need to be will be to decide what sort of roof it is that you want which can be constructed by our reliable roofing firms in Walsall.

Pitched roofs are the most popular roof types as on top of the fact that they are more aesthetically pleasing than their counterparts, they can provide you with additional storage space and can potentially offer you a return on your investment as they add significant value to your home. A conservatory extension will often mean the utilisation of a flat roof.

But you will once more have to make a selection on the exact type of roof it is that you require. Should you wish to have a flat roof that is translucent materials such as polycarbonate.

Should you be looking to have a roof constructed that is not translucent waterproofed roofing felt is often called into use. So employ a reliable tradespeople in Walsall and have a roof structure constructed for the extension on your property.

Skilled Walsall roofing specialists can be hired to run through the erection of a warm flat roof

If you're looking to build a warm deck flat roof then Walsall roofing firms will be of considerable use to you.

Warm deck flat roof construction can be completed by a talented Walsall roofing specialists.

A warm deck flat roof will differ from a cold one in that the insulation is placed on the outside of the structure which basically moves the deck of the roof indoors, which is where the name warm decked flat roof comes from.

When you run through a warm deck flat roof construction then there will be no need to induct a system of ventilation as it works by conserving existing heat.

The skills of accomplished tradespeople can be contracted to run through a warm deck roof construction to a standard of working that will satisfy even the strictest of warm deck flat roofs.

So hire an experienced Walsall tradesmen and have them build a warm flat roof.