Our 'How to Decorate' ebook will take you through decorating step-by-step

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Planning to redecorate a room in your home but have no clue how to strip wallpaper, restore interior woodwork or even put up a shelf?

Not everyone is the 'Do It Yourself' expert they claim to be, but you can pretend to be the next Nick Knowles (star of DIY SOS if you're not a lover of DIY programmes either) with our fool-proof and discreetly downloadable guide to how to decorate.

We'll take you through the basics so you can make mincemeat of dowdy wallpaper, polish dull wooden floors to perfection or professionally hang those pictures you've been meaning to put up since you moved in. '28 Tips on How To Decorate' offers step-by-step advice in plain English (that's right no tradesmen jargon) so you can tackle those home improvement tasks around your home. Each 'how to' even outlines what tools and equipment you need to complete the job in hand and also offers a skill rating so you can build yourself up to those more difficult jobs.

We understand that in these difficult economic times, not everyone can afford to hire a professional decorator but with our guide, you can at least attempt to do it yourself. Get almost professional results for half the price with '28 Tips on How To Decorate'.

Please note: we are not liable for any damage caused by over enthusiastic DIYers!