About Us

Localtraders.com is part of Local Traders Online Ltd, formerly rateandrecommend.com Ltd. Our aims and goals are straightforward and honest; to deliver a service that connects consumers and tradespeople together at a time when customers are actively searching for the tradesperson’s products or services.

Our service was born out of frustration; seeing potential advertising customers spending large amounts of money on advertising that they themselves cannot measure to see if it has worked, and also frustration at not being willing to call a tradesperson at 8.30pm in case it was too late for the tradesperson. Based on those criteria, we set about creating a service that would be both cost effective and measurable for local advertisers, and allow customers to connect with tradespeople when THEY wanted to, regardless of time.

Localtraders.com allows customers to input details of the trade service they require and a description of the work they need undertaking. We then instantly convert this to an SMS which is sent to up to 6 local tradespeople. The tradespeople then simply call the customers and quote for the work. We don't store customer telephone details. We don't sell the consumer enquiry to tradespeople - we simply deliver the enquiry direct to local traders.

We do charge a small subscription for tradespeople to be part of our service. We do vet our tradespeople to make sure they are local to your area and have the relevant documentation of accredited bodies or associations. We bring together customers and tradespeople when customers need assistance.