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Are You Having Some Tiling Trouble

Green Home Improvements How to Repair a Hole in a Ceramic Tile

Tiles are a really hardwearing and durable material that you use to cover your walls. However, because of these qualities, it means that if you drill into them, perhaps for your bathroom accessories, then those holes are permanent. If you want to change the positions of your bathroom accessories, then you’re left with ugly holes in your wall. However, you can repair them.

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Central Heating: Troubleshooting Tips

Roaring Fire Throughout the colder months, there is perhaps nothing more warm, comforting and cosy that the natural glow of a traditional wood burning stove. There’s something about a real fire that not only warms the body, but the spirit as well.

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DIY – Easy??

Cowboy BuilderHere at LT HQ we have been discussing this afternoon what makes a DIY job easy or hard and we were wondering what other people think is the easiest DIY job out there..

Apart from the slightly silly (and maybe a little rude at times) response to the question, we all had different ideas about what the most difficult job is and what they think is the easiest and we would love to hear what you think!!??

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Is It Heating Up Your Bedroom??

Monochrome Bedroom DesignDid you know that it’s one of the most argued about topics for married couples?..

No, not how often you get steamy in the bedroom, but at what temperature you heat up the rooms to!

According to recent research published in the Daily Mail around one in four couples argue about what temperature to keep the rooms to!

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DIY Fail – Are You Less Of A Man (Or Woman)

Home Improvements It’s funny how something like a DIY disaster can make us feel less of a man or woman, which according to one recent article that we read here at LT HQ was said to happen to those who fail in their efforts.

So, we got to thinking about this and decided to ask our lovely staff here if they too would feel less of a man (or woman) if their attempt at DIY ended in an epic fail… and guess what we found out?!

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Male V Female – Who Make The Better Tradespeople??

Writable Table You don’t often call a plumber and open the door to a female, but research has suggested that a quarter of all household’s would prefer a female tradesperson than a male, because of the attention to detail that women had.

So, we wanted to know who you would prefer to turn up to fix your electrics or fix a leaking tap?

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Five DIY Jobs You Should Never Do (Unless You Like Disasters, that is!)

Plumber at Work It might seem quite obvious to most people but when it comes to DIY there are certain jobs you should never do yourself, unless of course you want to spend the rest of your day in accident and emergency!!

According to St John’s Ambulance more than 200,000 people are admitted to hospital each year with DIY related injuries, so if you want to avoid a small (or lengthy) stay in the local medical unit then here is the list of the top five DIY jobs you should NEVER attempt to do.

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Do You Know Who Patented The First Trigger Drill Handle in 1917?

Bosch IXO Screwdriver If you are into history and are as curious as we are here at, then this is for you.

Here at LT HQ we were wondering about where tools of the trade came from so we thought about doing a little bit of research and we were amazing at what we found.

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Do you really know how to paint a wall?

Home Decor TrendsYou will after you have read our simple 4-step guide!

Would you be surprised if we told you that there was way more to painting a wall than just putting brush in paint and applying it?

Well, here at, we thought that we would enlighten you a little and tell you how it’s really done.. (or how we think it should be done)..

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DIY Guide: How To Wallpaper

WallpaperingHave you decided that the inside of your home needs to be brightened up? Are you thinking about doing the wallpapering yourself? If you don’t want to use one of our painting and decorating experts then here’s a helpful step-by-step guide on how to do a good job of your wallpapering. Read more…

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