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Britain’s oldest house was recently discovered near to Scarborough and according to the experts dates back 11,500 years when England was still part of continental Europe. wonders what the roof would have been made out of back then and how it would have looked?

If you want your house to stand the test of time but can't find a reliable Scarborough roofer, can help.

From fixing a leak to replacing an entire thatched roof, our roofers in Scarborough are highly experienced in every aspect of roofing, regardless of how unique the job.

Leave it to to find up to six recommended roofers in Scarborough to provide competitive quotes that are no-obligation as well as a friendly service and quality workmanship.

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Insulation for flat roofs can be introduced by experienced roofing experts in Scarborough

Should you be looking to have flat roof insulation inducted then a reputable Scarborough roofing firms will be of great value.

There are two classifications of flat roof, and the sort that you are in possession of will affect the type of insulation that you are able to install.

If your flat roof is of the cold deck variety then you will have to induct your insulation to your home's interior.

This is achieved by inserting a type of mineral wool between the spaces in roof joists, holding pockets of warm air underneath the roofing, and giving it its name of 'cold deck insulation'.

'warm decking insulation for roofing' is the alternative option which involves placing insulation such as polyisocyanurate foam rigid insulation, which moves the deck of the roof indoors and ensuring that damp is not allowed to develop.

All work performed is done so to a standard that is able to satisfy flat roof building regulations, and is bound to leave you satisfied.

So contract a reputable tradespeople in Scarborough to provide insulation for insulation.

Roofing materials made from metal can be catered by reliable Scarborough roofing specialists

As a roofing material, metal is extremely versatile and can be applied in a number of different settings and forms. Our reputable roofing firms in Scarborough can be contracted to administer a vast array of metal roofing products. If the budget you are working under leaves little room for manoeuvre you could consider then you might wish to install tin roofing, as it is inexpensive yet extremely resilient to damage.

Aluminium constructed roofing has developed into an extremely popular proposition as it is lightweight and durable, and will even save you money on your heating expenses. Copper roofing is also an attractive option, as it is able to last a long time, and as the material ages unique colours are lifted from the material. You can utilise metal roof shingles to provide a resistant covering for your roof that will go some way to extending its life cycle.

So recruit a talented Scarborough tradesmen to obtain materials for roofing made from metal without it costing you an arm and a leg.