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The Museum and Art Gallery is one of Peterborough's oldest buildings with parts of it dating back to the 16th century. would have liked to have watched the building works back then to see how they differ from today's methods!

If you are undergoing some home improvements or building works and you would like some expert advice on materials and methods then our team of Peterborough roofers can help.

Whether or not you have a new project or you simply need some help replacing rotting roof laths damaged by water leaking in through slipped tiles and damaged felt, pointing chimney brickwork to replacing chimney pots, our expert roofers who can quote for the job at a competitive price.

We only work with the best roofers in Peterborough so you won't regret letting get you a quality tradesperson who you can trust.

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Experienced roofing specialists in Peterborough can be employed to run through the erection of a cold flat roof

The expertise of Peterborough roofing firms will be of considerable use to you if you need to create a cold flat roof.

The construction of a cold deck flat roof can be undertaken by our skilled roofing companies in Peterborough.

A cold deck flat roof is the term that is assigned to a flat roof structure where a waterproof material is administered directly onto the top frame.

The material that provides insulation for a cold deck roof is administered in the gaps between the roof joists which shows where the name cold deck roof comes from.

If you're running through the construction of a cold deck flat roof then an adequate ventilation system will need to be included to provide moist air pockets a route of escape before you end up with damp.

So have a cold flat roof constructed for your home by contracting a reliable local tradespeople in Peterborough.

Reliable Peterborough roofing specialists can be hired to re-point ridge tiles

You will find the expertise of our skilled roofing companies in Peterborough to be of great value should you need to have your roof's ridge tiles re-pointed. If there is a problem with the arrangement of tiles on your domestic roof it can be a difficult and expensive mission to rectify, so it is important to check the ridge tiles of your roof once every other year as a bare minimum.

Should an issue have arisen with the ridge tiles on your roof our reputable Peterborough roofing firms can be hired to fix it. Due to their location on your roof, ridge tiles are more sensitive to weather damage and should be checked thoroughly as a result.

If you do not pick up on a problem with the ridge tiles of your roof this can lead to serious structural problems which can lead to the development of a leak if not dealt with expeditiously. So hire a reliable tradespeople in Peterborough and have your roof's ridge tiles re-pointed at an easily affordable price.