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Oxford is surrounded by historical buildings but the oldest, according to experts, is St Micheal at the North Gate's tower which was originally built sometime between 1000 and 1050. wonders how many modern day trades existed back in the 11th century compared to today?

If you have a building that is steeped in history and you need the help of one of our specialist roofers in Oxford to help with a repair just fill in our enquiry form and we will ensure you get the right expert for the job.

From recommending material for a roof on a new building project to replacing some dated slate there is no job too unique that our Oxford roofers can't help with.

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Inverted flat roofs can be installed by appointing skilled Oxford roofing experts

Experienced roofing firms in Oxford will come in handy if an inverted flat roof has to be constructed.

An inverted flat roof is different from a warm deck flat roof as its insulating material is installed above the waterproofing substance, which is why it is sometimes called an upside down roof within the trade.

An inverted flat roofing erection job can be carried out by our skilled Oxford roofing specialists at an easily affordable price.

Inverted flat roofs is a widely selected roofing solution, as not only is it a long lasting roofing solution they have a low level of moisture absorption.

Because insulation is applied onto the top of the membrane of the roof it is shielded from the elements meaning that the expansion and contraction that comes as a result of such exposure, meaning that the regular roof repair jobs that can be called for by other types of roofs are unnecessary.

So recruit an experienced tradesmen in Oxford and have them run through the construction of an inverted flat roof.

Roof laths that are damaged can be re-applied by reliable Oxford roofing firms

If your roof's laths are damaged then you will benefit from enlisting a talented roofing companies in Oxford.

Whether you have fire damaged roofing battens or are simply old and need to be replaced, our reliable roofing firms in Oxford can be hired to replace your roof battens that are damaged.

Roof battens can be obtained in a wide range of materials with the type that you select being dictated by personal preference.

Timber roof battens ride high in the popularity stakes as they cost next to nothing, but must be tanalised so that you do not end up with damp.

Roofing battens made from metal are also a popular choice owing to the fact that they are also cheap, but are much stronger than their wooden counterparts.

Roofing laths made out of plastic are also frequently called into use as they are light, strong and unaffected by the dangers of damp.

So contract a reputable roofing companies in Oxford to be supplied with quality roofing laths.