Roofers in London

The White Tower at the Tower of London is one of the oldest buildings in London as well as one of the worlds most iconic landmarks. wonders how long it took to build and if the same roof still exists now that was originally built sometime around 1080?

Whether you have an ancient tower that needs a roof repair or your modern London apartment needs cladding then our qualified London roofers are waiting to help and come with's seal of approval.

No matter if you are a landlord, tenant or homeowner you can be safe in the knowledge that all of our handpicked roofers in London can undertake any roofing job, no matter how big or small the task or the budget.

Why not leave it to the experts at to provide you with up to six of the most competitive prices in London, don't hesitate, give us a try – it won't cost you a thing and you have everything to gain.

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Shed roofs that have leaks can be fixed by our reliable roofing companies in London

If the shed in the garden is flat roofed then you will know of the problems posed by a leak.

When water is allowed to gather on top of a flat roofed shed then holes that cause leaks will no doubt develop which can be harmful to the items that are stored inside.

Often, all that will need to be done is replace the shed roof felt which can usually be done yourself.

If you are repairing the roof yourself we have experienced professionals who are able to provide you with advice on the best way to fix a leaky flat roof.

If you do not have a felt shed roof then roof shingles probably protect your shed roof which our experienced professionals can be appointed to replace.

For any more complicated shed roof repair job then you may need to appoint one of our experienced roofing firms in London to repair your leaking shed roof.

So appoint an experienced London roofing experts to mend a leaking flat roofed shed.

Talented London roofing firms can be appointed for the building of a dual pitched roof

When you're looking to have a dual pitched roof constructed then experienced roofing firms in London will be of great benefit. Dual pitched roofing is a popular roof type as it can combine a functional roof with a traditional barnyard style aesthetic.

Our skilled London roofing specialists can be appointed to carry out the construction of a dual pitched roof on your domestic property. A widely sourced example of a pitched roof is mansard styled roof, selected for its farmhouse appeal.

With the ability to call upon a wide range of trade knowledge we have knowledgeable tradespeople who can build dual pitched roofs that are able to satisfy all required UK roofing regulations so that your dream roof can be yours. So recruit experienced tradesmen in London to construct a double pitched roof.