Roofers in Dundee

One of the residential housing rows in Dundee is Gardyne's Land, where the first one reportedly dates back to around 1560; wonders how much it would have cost the building owner to employ a roofing contractor back then to fix any damage compared to today's prices?

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From helping with the design plans to finishing the job, you know you can trust that will offer you choice with up to six quality roofers quoting for your job.

Perhaps you are not looking to build your own dream home just yet but need some essential maintenance roofing work done on your home of business and are finding it hard to find a roofer you can trust then we are here to help.

Our roofing specialists in Dundee can undertake any job and we will guarantee quality workmanship every time. Contact us via our online form and we will do the rest.

Roof laths that are damaged can be replaced by reputable Dundee roofing experts

If the laths in your roof are damaged then the skills of a roofing experts in Dundee will be of great use. Whether your roofing laths have fallen into disrepair or are simply old and need to be replaced, our experienced roofing companies in Dundee can be recruited to perform the replacement of roof battens. Roofing battens can be procured in a variety of materials with personal preference having an affect on the sort that you choose.

Timber roof battens are the most popular type as they are extremely cheap, but must always be tanalised so that damp is not allowed to develop. Roofing battens made from metal also enjoy popularity as they are just as cheap as wooden laths, but are much stronger. Roofing laths made out of plastic are also frequently called into use as they are strong and affordable, and yet are invulnerable to damp.

So appoint an accomplished tradespeople in Dundee to install roofing battens for you.

Reputable roofing specialists in Dundee can be enlisted for a cold flat roofing job

Dundee roofing specialists will be of considerable use to you if you wish to create a cold flat roof. The production of a cold deck flat roof can be completed by our experienced roofing companies in Dundee. A cold deck flat roof is the term that is assigned to the construction of a roof structure that is flat, and then a waterproof material is laid directly onto the timber frame that forms the shape of the roof.

The insulating material for a cold deck roof is placed in the gaps in the roof beams which shows where the name cold deck roof comes from. If you wish to build a cold deck flat roof then a ventilation system will need to be inducted to allow moist air to escape before they are able to create areas of damp. So enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Dundee and have them build a cold flat roof.