Roofers in Dumfries

Now a museum, Dumfries oldest house, The Old Bridge House, was built in 1660; would love to have seen the roof being built and to know how different the building works would have been today from back then!

If you would like to turn your house into a museum of the future and need to make sure your roof is maintained to the best possible standard then you need the help of

When only the best Dumfries roofers will do for your building project, you only need to choose to put you in touch with reputable local tradesmen. Our roofing experts have the answer to all your roofing needs from re-tiling your roof with reconstituted concrete tiles to using natural Scottish slate to replace your old roof.

We have worked with our Dumfries roofers for years and know that only the right person for the job will ever contact you. Don't delay - talk with one of our advisors today.

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Shed roofs that have leaks can be patched up by our skilled roofing experts in Dumfries

If the roof of your garden shed is flat then you will no doubt know of the menace that leaks present. If water gathers for an extended period of time on your shed's flat roof then a leaking roof is unavoidable which could cause the goods within to become damaged. Often, all that will need to be done is replace the shed felt which can usually be done yourself.

Should you be attempting the repair job yourself our accomplished experts can offer you instructions on how to best repair a leaky shed roof. If it is not felt that protects your garden shed roof then there is a good chance that you may have a shingle shed roof which can be refitted by our knowledgeable tradespeople. If the roof repair job for your shed is more complex then you might have to hire talented Dumfries roofing experts to repair your leaking shed roof.

So contract a reputable roofing firms in Dumfries to mend a leaking flat roofed shed.

Experienced Dumfries roofing companies can be appointed to carry out re-pointing of ridge roof tiles

Should your roof's ridge tiles require a re-pointing then you will find the expertise of our skilled Dumfries roofing firms to be of great value.

If the tiles of your roofing arrangement develop an issue rectifying the problem can result in large expenditure and considerable stress, so it is essential that one is checking their roof's ridge tiles at least once every other year, if not more often.

If the ridge tiles of your domicile's roof have developed a problem our reputable roofing experts in Dumfries can be hired to fix it.

Due to their location on your roof, ridge tiles are more sensitive to weather damage and because of this need to have particular attention paid to them.

If a problem with your roof's ridge tiles goes unnoticed this can bring about a problem with the structural stability of your roof which can lead to a leak occurring if not dealt with as soon as is possible.

So appoint an accomplished tradesmen in Dumfries and have them re-point the ridge tiles of your roof at a price you can afford.