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Carlisle is home to some amazing historical buildings with some dating as far back as hundreds of years ago; wonders how many different roofing techniques existed before the 20th century and how many are still standing today?

Whether you live in a historical building that is in need of some modification or you simply want to be given a choice when choosing a roofer in Carlisle to carry out some emergency repair work on your thatched roof then we are waiting to hear from you.

We only recommend the best Cambridge roofers so you can be sure that you are in the safest of hands and are getting the best price. Don't delay, call us today and we will do all the rest, it's as simple as that.

TDB (Cumbria) LTD

TDB (Cumbria) LTD are a well established local builder based in Carlisle, most of our work is passed from word of mouth. Our commitment to high...

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Reg Taylor Roofing Contractor

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Talented Carlisle roofing companies can be recruited to run through the erection of a cold flat roof

Roofing firms in Carlisle will be of considerable use to you if you're looking to construct a cold flat roof. The production of a cold deck flat roof can be carried out by our talented roofing companies in Carlisle.

A cold deck flat roof is a term attributed to a flat roof structure where a waterproof material is administered directly onto the timber frame that forms the shape of the roof. A cold deck roof's insulation is placed between the joists of the roof hence the term cold deck roofing .

If you're running through the construction of a cold deck flat roof then you will have to provide a good system of ventilation to provide moist air pockets a route of escape before damp is allowed to establish itself. So enlist the services of our skilled tradesmen in Carlisle and have a cold flat roof built for your domicile.

Reputable roofing firms in Carlisle can be enlisted to mend flat roofs with holes

A hole in a roof that is flat can be extremely damaging and will need to be addressed by Carlisle roofing experts urgently. As there is no slope to the roof, a hole will allow rain water to pour in and potentially cause serious damage. If this is a situation that you are faced with then our experienced Carlisle roofing companies can be appointed to help.

They can be hired to run through flat roof repair jobs to stop your home incurring serious damage. Some seasoned professionals will administer a sheet of fibreglass, which is then laid over the hole and a sealant utilised so that the hole is not allowed to reopen. To prevent holes coming back at some point in the future areas where water is allowed to gather should be treated as soon as is possible, with 48 hours being held up as the maximum amount of time to be untreated.

If the hole in your roof is only small, there is a good chance you will be able to deal with it yourself, but if you are uncomfortable attempting the job yourself then you can appoint an experienced Carlisle tradespeople to undertake a flat roof repair so you need not.