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According to the history books The Tower of St Benets is the oldest building in Cambridge dating back to 1050; wonders what materials were used back then to build the roof and how long it took compared to modern day techniques used by roofers now?

If you are looking to improve the insulation in your historic tower (unlikely) or you just need a reliable roofer for some maintenance work then can connect you with up to six Cambridge roofers free of charge.

We only work with the most reputable companies so that you know you are in safe hands. With a variety of no-obligation quotes from our handpicked companies, we give the choice back to you.

Contact us today and we will put your in touch with our team qualified roofers in Cambridge in no time.


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Experienced Cambridge roofing firms can be contracted to run through the erection of a warm flat roof

Roofing experts in Cambridge will be of significant use to you if a warm deck flat roof needs to be constructed. The erection of a warm deck flat roof can be completed by a talented Cambridge roofing specialists.

A warm deck flat roof is different from a cold one in that the insulation is placed on the outside of the structure which basically moves the deck of the roof indoors, which is where the name warm decked flat roof comes from. When you run through a warm deck flat roof construction then you will not need to induct a system of ventilation as it works by conserving existing heat.

Our accomplished tradespeople can be appointed to carry out warm deck roof construction to a level that will adhere to all warm deck flat roof specifications. So enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Cambridge and have them run through construction on a warm flat roof.

Metal roofing materials can be administered by experienced Cambridge roofing experts

Metal can be applied in a number of different settings and forms to provide roofing as a result of it being an extremely adaptable material. Our skilled roofing firms in Cambridge can be appointed to provide a wide selection of materials for roofing made out of metal.

Should the budget that you're working under not give you much to deviate from then you could install tin roofing, which is hard wearing and inexpensive. Roofing made from aluminium is experiencing a boom in popularity as it is highly damage resistant, and will help slash your heating bills.

Copper roofing is also an extremely popular with which to build domestic roofs, as it is able to last a long time, and as the material ages it is imbued with unique shades of jade. You can apply metal roof shingles to instate a roof finish that is extremely resistant that will extend its life line.

So appoint experienced tradespeople in Cambridge to obtain materials for roofing made from metal for less than you might think.