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One of the oldest public buildings in Belfast is The Assembly Rooms, built in the 1700's; but wonders what the original roofing material was made out of when it was first built and if it's still the same today?

Whatever kind of building you have, Medieval or modern, if you need to secure some slipped tiles after a storm or you need one of our Belfast roofers to fit period finials and ridge tiles, then will only send the best, most experienced roofers to you.

Our team of Belfast roofers offer quality workmanship as well as unrivaled expertise and can undertake any roofing job, no matter how big your project or how small your budget.

Fill in our online form and our specialists will contact you to offer their services with up to six unbeatable quotes from our expert, reputable roofers.

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Roof laths that are damaged can be replaced by talented Belfast roofing companies

If your roof's laths are damaged then the skills of a Belfast roofing firms will be of great use.

Whether your roofing laths have fallen into disrepair or are simply old and need to be replaced, our reliable roofing companies in Belfast can be hired to perform the replacement of roof battens.

Roofing battens can be procured in an assortment of materials with personal choice having a big effect on the type that you utilise.

Timber roof battens are the most frequently utilised as they do not cost a lot, but must be tanalised so that damp does not occur.

Roofing battens made from metal also enjoy popularity as a light, strong alternative to wooden laths.

Roofing laths made from plastic are also frequently utilised as they do not cost a lot to procure, are incredibly durable and are not affected by the dangers posed by damp.

So enlist the services of our skilled tradespeople in Belfast to instate roofing laths on your behalf.

Experienced roofing specialists in Belfast can be recruited to run through the erection of a cold flat roof

If you wish to produce a cold flat roof then roofing experts in Belfast will be of considerable use to you. The erection of a cold deck flat roof can be done by enlisting our reliable roofing experts in Belfast.

A cold deck flat roof is a term attributed to a flat roof where waterproofing is applied directly onto the timber frame that forms the shape of the roof. The material that provides insulation for a cold deck roof is placed in the gaps in the roof beams which shows where the handle of cold deck roof comes from.

Should you be looking to build a cold decked flat roof then a ventilation system will need to be inducted to facilitate the escape of pockets of moist air before damp is allowed to establish itself. So enlist the services of our skilled local tradespeople in Belfast and have a cold flat roof built for your domicile.