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The Silent Valley Reservoir, which supplies most of Belfast with water, took 10 years to build - between 1923 and 1933! With the help of, you can find a reliable plumber in Belfast in as little as 10 minutes!

If you need a quality Belfast plumber, give our friendly team a call and see how we can help you out! have plumbers in Belfast who can help you out with any job, big or small!

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Loughshore Plumbing And Electrical Ltd

Our company was formed in 2007. During that time we have successfully completed a variety of projects from housing to industrial installations...

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P H Oil Fired Boiler Service

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Kitchen sinks can be fitted when you hire skilled Belfast plumbing companies

If you're having a kitchen sink installed a skilled plumber will be of considerable use.

When deciding to plumb in a kitchen sink selecting a sink type that is suitable can be stressful enough, to plumb it in on your behalf.

The kitchen sink market place within the UK and there are many choices to make in both design and material.

Stainless steel is the most frequently used material with which to manufacture kitchen sinks, but sinks made from copper have seen a boost in popularity, as both materials are easy to clean and incredibly hard wearing.

Another popular material with which to make kitchen sinks is porcelain.

There are also many different styles of kitchen sinks that can be obtained such as the 1.5 bowl kitchen sink, or old favourites such as the Belfast kitchen sink.

Your sink can be fitted when you hire a talented tradesmen in Belfast.

Accomplished plumbing specialists in Belfast can call upon a basin wrench when carrying out plumbing jobs

Specific areas within a domestic plumbing set up are inaccessible, and so to work in these tight spaces, trades people will call upon a basin wrench. A sink wrench is created with the intention of reaching parts of a plumbing system that would otherwise be extremely difficult to access, such as below a sink, meaning that a plumber is able to undertake the job more easily.

We have accomplished Belfast plumbing specialists whose skills can be enlisted to carry out plumbing fixes by using a sink wrench. You can procure a basin wrench in a number of sizes with the task that you are faced with helping select the appropriate size.

You can also lay your hands on telescopic basin wrenches to allow access for a seasoned plumber in areas completely out of reach. So appoint an accomplished Belfast tradesmen to run through plumbing repairs with the help of a basin wrench.