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floor screed that is self levelling can be called into use in the laying of tiled flooring

You should look into the possibility of utilising floor screed that is self levelling, if you want to induct a floor made up of tiles. Self levelling screed is a great approach to getting rid of the uneven sections of your floor before the installation of a flooring material such as floor tiles. Our accomplished Worcester plastering and screeding specialists can be hired to apply self levelling flooring screed so that you can begin to enjoy a gorgeous tiled floor.

Although it was not formulated to provide a surface to withstand foot traffic, it is a fantastic way to quickly level a floor so that you can install a beautiful tiled floor on top. Self levelling screed for floors can be acquired as either a compound to be mixed with water, or should you prefer it, an acrylic founded mix, with the type that you source being dictated by personal preference. So enlist the services of our skilled specialist tradesmen in Worcester so that with the assistance of self levelling floor screed, they can supply you with a stunning floor of tiles.

You can utilise lytag screed in the laying of hard wearing flooring

If you need to find a floor screed that is ecologically friendly to be used to create floors that are reliable you may wish to consider lytag floor screeding.

As it is a by product of production of electricity, lytag flooring screed is a type of floor screed that does not harm the earth.

Our reliable plastering and screeding companies in Worcester can be appointed to provide you with lytag floor screeding and complete high quality screeding installation at your premises.

Lytag lightweight aggregate weighs less than other screed types and if you need to administer screed to a large surface area such as an industrial flooring project, lytag floor screed is a popular choice as bigger loads can be transported more easily.

Lytag flooring screed does not take as long to dry than other types of floor screed and so screeding jobs can be completed more quickly.

As well as this, it has good thermal insulation properties which ensures that heat is retained in your industrial flooring arrangement.

So recruit a knowledgeable tradesmen in Worcester and receive flooring that is kind to the environment as well as being of a tremendous standard that will withstand the test of time.