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Dry lining can be used to stop heat escaping old buildings

An issue that often occurs in properties that are older is high levels of dampness and poor insulation levels.

You can prevent these problems from obtaining a stronghold if you induct dry lining to your domestic structure.

Damp is a more serious issue than most people tend to assume and not only to a property's aesthetic quality, but to its inner workings, causing deterioration of areas of plaster work and masonry, on top of the creation of a living environment that is detrimental to the health of the property's occupants.

Our accomplished Newcastle plastering and screeding firms can be recruited to induct dry lining damp proofing and insulation, or to quite simply supply you with dry lining tips if you would wish to install the dry lining with your own two hands.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of the trade, our tradesmen can induct dry lining wall insulation and damp proofing to an exemplary standard.

So appoint an accomplished local tradespeople in Newcastle and see your old building supplied with dry lining to facilitate your comfortable habitation.

Self level mix can be called into use to create flooring

When you're looking to lay domestic flooring floor levelling concrete can be priceless. Self levelling concrete has been composed to cover up any blemishes in your flooring and can be applied domestically or industrially because of its incredibly hard wearing nature. Coming in powder form, and then mixed with water prior to application, self levelling screed can be used to create a floor on which to lay anything from tiles to carpet.

Our skilled plastering and screeding companies in Newcastle can be enlisted to provide you with self levelling screed and level the floor at your behest should you wish. A latex self levelling floor compound can also be brought into use if you are looking for a cost effective way of levelling off a floor. So recruit a talented tradespeople in Newcastle and have the flooring you deserve by utilising self levelling floor screed.