Plasterers & Screeders in Gloucester

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Self levelling floor screed can be applied in the creation of flooring

When you're looking to lay domestic flooring self levelling screed is essential. Floor levelling concrete has been formulated to correct any irregularities in the surface of your floors and can be administered both commercially and domestically because of its incredibly hard wearing nature.

Procurable in a powder form that is mixed with water, self levelling concrete can be utilised to create flooring onto which flooring such as tiling can be laid. You can appoint a knowledgeable Gloucester plastering and screeding specialists to dispense self levelling concrete and even lay the flooring for you if you wish.

You can administer a latex floor levelling mix if you are looking for a cost effective way of levelling off a floor. So recruit a talented tradespeople in Gloucester and receive floors that are stunning with self levelling floor screed.

You can use floor screed that is self levelling to level a floor out that has a system of heating

You may wish to explore the possibility of using self levelling screed for floors should the floor that you need to level be incorporating an underfloor heating system. Although there is not really one specific screed that can be applied when dealing with underfloor heating set ups, we would always recommend using flo-screed as its robust nature and the fact that it is quick to dry aid in the speedy completion of the task.

If you're looking to procure underfloor heating advice or would like someone who can level your floor at your behest you could enlist the services of our skilled plasterers and screeders in Gloucester. As it has greater strengths than that of other screeds, such as a sand or cement based screed, self levelling floor screed can be applied at a more shallow depth, which will allow for a more speedy job completion.

This is also referenced by the rapid drying time of the screed. So appoint an accomplished local tradespeople in Gloucester and have a floor screeding carried out without it costing you an arm and a leg.