Plasterers & Screeders in Dumfries

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Lime render plaster can be administered to external walls by Dumfries plasterers and screeders

Lime rendering is a substance that is able to protect the brick and stonework of your property, whilst still offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can employ an accomplished Dumfries plastering and screeding firms to have lime rendering applied the exterior walls of your abode. Lime rendering functions almost as a sponge, absorbing moisture then forcing it to evaporate as an alternative to soaking straight through the brickwork, and then the interior walls, ensuring that you do not end up with a damp problem in your home.

Lime rendering mix can be procured in an assortment of shades, in addition to a wide selection of different textures, and it's flexible nature makes it a highly appropriate choice all over the country. Lime rendering is also in possession of self healing properties, which will help to cut down on cracking meaning that frequent replacement jobs will not be something that you need to worry about. So hire a knowledgeable Dumfries tradesmen to have Lime rendering applied to the exterior of your domicile.

lytag lightweight aggregate can be used to construct eco-friendly flooring

If you need to find a floor screed that is ecologically friendly with which to create hard wearing floors then lytag floor screed may be an avenue worthy of consideration. Because it is a waste product in the creation of electricity, lytag floor screed is an ecological type of floor screeding.

Our reliable plastering and screeding companies in Dumfries can be appointed to provide you with lytag floor screeding and lay the screeding if required. Other screed types tend to weigh more than lytag screed, and if you need to administer screed to a large surface area such as an industrial flooring project, lytag flooring screed is widely selected, as it means that large loads can be transported with ease.

Lytag floor screeding takes less time to dry than other screeds and so ensures that screeding tasks can be finished on time. As well as this, it has good thermal insulation properties and so your commercial flooring will be able to retain heat.

So hire an experienced specialist tradesmen in Dumfries and have environmentally friendly flooring of a high standard that is incredibly durable.