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floor screed that is self levelling can be utilised to level a surface before wood flooring is laid

Your rooms can be imbued with character when laying wooden floors but your underfloor surface will need to first be levelled. Self levelling screed for floors can be administered to make sure that your floor is levelled off appropriately and free from irregularities before wooden floors are laid. Self levelling flooring screed will need to be administered to your concrete floor and ensuring that wood flooring can be laid as soon as the mixture dries.

Skilled Bournemouth plastering and screeding specialists can be enlisted to ensure that your floors are level under your instruction should you prefer it. We would strongly advise the usage of damp proofing underlay so that when your wood flooring has been laid you will not have to sort out difficulties that develop due to the presence of unwelcome moisture which can result in your wood flooring beginning to warp. So to have your floors levelled out so that wood floors can be instated, contract the skills of an experienced Bournemouth tradespeople.

You can utilise lytag flooring screed to construct damage resistant flooring

When you need to obtain an environmentally sound screed to be used in the creation of enduring flooring set ups then you might want to look into the possibility of using lytag floor screed. As it is a waste product made in the production of electricity, lytag floor screeding is an environmentally sound type of floor screed. Our knowledgeable plastering and screeding experts in Bournemouth can provide lytag screed and lay the screed under your instruction.

Lytag lightweight aggregate is a lighter than most other types of screed and so if a project is of considerable size, such as industrial flooring, lytag floor screed is widely selected, as it means that large loads can be transported with ease. Lytag screed has a faster drying time than other types of screeding and so ensures that screeding tasks can be finished sooner. As well as this, it has good thermal insulation properties which ensures that heat is retained in your industrial flooring arrangement.

So appoint a talented local tradespeople in Bournemouth and have environmentally friendly flooring of a high standard that is incredibly durable.