Plasterers & Screeders in Ayr

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You can administer lytag flooring screed in the laying of flooring that is durable

If you're looking for a lightweight screed to be utilised in the laying of damage resistant flooring then you might want to look into the possibility of using lytag floor screed. As it is a by product of production of electricity, lytag floor screed is a floor screed that is kind to the environment. Lytag screed can be supplied by our skilled Ayr plastering and screeding firms and lay the screeding if required.

Other screed types tend to weigh more than lytag lightweight aggregate, and so if a project is of considerable size, such as industrial flooring, lytag floor screeding is a popular choice as bigger loads can be transported more easily. Lytag screed has a faster drying time than other types of screeding which removes the chance of screeding assignments running over. In addition to this, lytag lightweight aggregate also has excellent thermal insulation properties which will accommodate the efficient storage of heat for your commercial flooring set up.

So contract an accomplished Ayr tradesmen and have hair that is of a high standard as well as being kind to the earth that may never need replacing.

You can use self levelling flooring screed to level a floor that has built in underfloor

If the floor that you need to level off has a built in underfloor heating set up then you may find use in self levelling floor screed.

Even though there is not one singular type of flooring screed that can be applied when dealing with underfloor heating arrangements, we would always recommend using pumped flow screed as its robust nature and the fact that it is quick to dry aid in a speedy and efficient job.

If you wish to obtain any underfloor heating advice or would like someone who can level your floor at your behest a knowledgeable screeders and plasterers in Ayr can be recruited.

As it has greater strength than other variations of screed such as a screed based from cement, floor screed that is self levelling can be applied at a more shallow depth, which allows for the faster completion of work.

Its speedy drying time also acts as testament to this.

So employ a reliable tradesmen in Ayr and have them screed your floor without it costing you an arm and a leg.