Pest Controllers in Northampton

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Enlist the services of pest control firms to eliminate an infestation of woodworm

An outbreak in woodworm can end up causing significant structural damage to the wood workings of domiciles. The larvae of wood boring beetles, woodworm hatch from eggs and form a residence in unpolished wooden surfaces.

They then burrow deep into the wood creating tunnels that cause serious structural damage. If you have noticed signs of the presence of woodworm then you can appoint a talented pest control professionals in Northampton to run through woodworm pest control techniques to slow the further spread of this pest.

A woodworm can live in a wooden structure for up to three years, during which time serious damage can be cause to your antique wooden furniture. You can acquire woodworm sprays if you want to try to have a go at solving your woodworm issue yourself, but with varying levels of success many people choose to hire an experienced local tradespeople in Northampton to have their outbreak of woodworm dealt with by an experienced professional.

Experienced Northampton pest contractors can expel a fox pest control problem

The numbers of foxes have swelled in inner city areas over the last ten years or so and this has begun to cause noticeable pest control issues.

Foxes were once a sight simply for farmers, but are now seen regularly feasting on the contents of bins and destroying your garden in the search for grubs and worms.

They will even attempt to eat domestic pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens.

As UK law does not allow for the poisoning of foxes a skilled pest control firms in Northampton will need to be hired to supply you with traps and snares so that the foxes that are detained can be taken to a local veterinarian to be put to sleep.

Should you not feel comfortable with this approach then sprays that act as a repellent to foxes can be applied to the garden of your domicile to convince them to stay away.

So appoint an accomplished tradesmen in Northampton and have foxes banished from your property resolved for less than you might think.