Paving & Driveway Specialists in Walsall

With so many different materials and styles to choose from, transforming the front or back of your home couldn't be easier.

From block paving and driveway drainage to paved patios and flag stones, our paving and driveway specialists in Walsall can provide the exterior solution for your home without the expensive price tag.

You can be confident that our competitively priced paving and driveway experts in Walsall will not let you down because we have worked hard to make sure we only ever recommend the best.

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Here at R Smith General Builders, we have 20 years experience in block paving, tarmac and all types of driveways as well as landscaping and gardening. We...

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Lay down concrete paving slabs to construct a garden pathway

The installing of a pathway instils a simple method of accessing different areas of you land whilst running as an attractive property feature at the same time. Paving slabs are highly appropriate when laying pathways as they are both cheap and simple to lay.

Our skilled paving and driveway experts in Walsall can be hired to to offer you advise on which type of paving slab is most appropriate should you want to build a pathway for your abode. A popular way to pave pathways is paving slabs made from concrete as they can be purchased in a vast array of sizes and do not cost a great deal either.

Concrete bock paving is extremely popular for the same reason. Paving formed from clay bricks is also a widely selected material as it is extremely hard wearing and looks great once applied.

Some folks will opt for imprinted concrete paving, which can be pricey but will look wonderful when finished. So employ an experienced tradesmen in Walsall to obtain seasoned tips on the best way in which to create a pathway out of paving.

Paving sealant can be used to conserve your block paving set ups

The laying of a block paving driveway will offer your home a fantastic looking feature that is also handy to have.

To guarantee that it maintains its handsome appearance as the day it was originally laid you should call a paving sealing solution into use to protect it from sustaining damage.

There are reliable paving and driveway specialists in Walsall who can be recruited to administer a block paving sealing solution to add years to its lifespan.

On top of this, the application of a block paving sealant will improve the colour of your slabs of block paving in addition to obstructing the spread of weeds and moss.

The sand in place to joint your block paving driveway will also be protected which will have a positive knock on effect on the length of service of your driveway.

Oil stains suffered by your driveway can be eradicated with ease because of the the way in which your driveway is protected by a block paving sealant.

So contract a knowledgeable tradesmen in Walsall so that your driveway will never look less than its best.