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A range of block paving materials to create handsome paved areas

If you want to lay new systems of paving for your home you will need to pick out a suitable material with which to work. The main materials used in the construction of block paving are clay and Concrete blocks.

Concrete paving slabs are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes with paving manufacturers designing their own blocks as concrete can be trimmed down to size without too much difficulty. Clay pavers tend to come in less styles as the material is not as easy to cut down to size and so any bricks that you obtain will normally be of the near regulated size and shape of the bricks found in most paving arrangements.

Our accomplished paving and driveway experts in Stornoway can be recruited to locate paving slabs in any paving material type without it costing you an arm and a leg. Concrete block paving is available for purchase in a host of different shades as they are chemically dyed to fit into any scheme of colour.

Clay bricks tend to come in a smaller selection of colours because they are not coloured with chemicals, but do not fade for the very reason. Whichever type of paving you want, contract a knowledgeable tradesmen in Stornoway to help you to procure it.

Handsome arrangements of flooring can be constructed by using paving cut from natural stones

Laying paved flooring may be a route worth investigating should you be considering revitalising the ambience of your domestic garden. Paving made from naturally sourced stones have been used ever since the stone age and are still sourced right up to this day.

This stands as a reminder of their durability. We have knowledgeable paving and driveway professionals in Stornoway who can be enlisted to supply and install natural stone paving in a wide range of styles from sandstone paving slabs to paving slabs of Welsh basalt.

There is also the option to acquire natural stone slabs with an integrated finish such as hammered texture. So to use an out door flooring approach that is backed up by thousands of years worth of testimonials call upon the services of our reliable tradesmen in Stornoway and obtain flooring made up of natural paving stones that can be enjoyed for decades.