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Are you fed up with a bumpy ride to your front door every time you pull up on your drive and are curious to see how much it would cost to even it out?

Whether you want to create a level driveway using Tarmac or you want to pave over your back garden to cut down on the gardening, just let us know what you need and we will connect you with up to six local paving and driveway specialists in Maidstone today.

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You can utilise resin based gravel aggregates to build damage resistant driveways

One of the most revolutionary additions in the marketplace of paving and driveways in the last two decades has been the refinement of the technology that provides resin bonded gravel aggregates.

Resin bonded gravel aggregates operate as a system of stones of gravel that are affixed to a hard surface that is already in place and are prevented from slipping out of position due to a clear drying resin, which can also be procured for decorative reasons.

One is left with a driveway that is able to resist damage well that will need virtually no maintaining.

Our skilled paving and driveway professionals in Maidstone can be appointed to to install driveways that have been made out of resin bonded gravel Obtainable in virtually any colour you can have a driveway made from resin bonded gravel to match the personality of any property.

That will require you to carry out only a minimal level of maintenance but still hold on to its favourable appearance, employ a reliable local tradespeople in Maidstone to induct a driveway that has been created using resin bonded gravel.

Experienced paving and driveway experts can be appointed to clean block paving

A driveway formed from block paving is a good looking feature to have at your domicile, but it will need to be cleaned at least once a year.

Fortunately, the process of cleaning your block paving driveway is a simple one when it is necessary to carry it out, although you can hire a skilled tradesmen in Maidstone to carry out the work in your stead if you would rather that be the case.

Start by brushing down your slabs of block paving with a yard brush to remove any dirt or debris that will diminish the attractive appearance of your driveway.

At this point you will need to clean the driveway with water and if you have the facility to do it, apply a cleaning agent or soap if that is not available.

If you have the opportunity to, use a jet washer and this allows you to carry out the assignment much more quickly and thoroughly.

These can be hired with minimal effort and expense.

It is advisable at this point to administer a reputable brand of weed killer to hinder the regrouping of weeds.

These can be picked up at your local garden centre, but we suggest the utilisation of an organic, non-toxic type so that you can be sure it will be of no harm to your pets or any wildlife.