Locksmiths in Dundee

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Experienced Dundee locksmith experts can be appointed so that you can have cabinet locks put on

Should the security of your furniture be a concern you may want to look into cabinet locks.

A cam lock is a popular appointment and is applied both industrially and domestically in order to maintain the security of items stored within furniture.

They are made up of a metal plate that turns at the same time as the key to an angle that varies between 90 and 180 degrees.

We have experienced expert locksmiths in Dundee who can be enlisted to fit cam locks for furniture to render them more secure.

Cam locks also have a variety of locking mechanisms.

Whether you wish to have flat key cam locks, wish to have dimple key cam locks put in, or wish to have radial pin tumbler cam locks our skilled tradesmen can assist.

Modern variations on the cam lock are available with cam locks that are digital growing in popularity.

They are a popular fixture in gyms and schools.

So recruit our talented tradesmen in Dundee and have them run through the installation of cam locks for furniture.

Household safes can be produced by reliable Dundee locksmith firms in order to house your valuables

If you have items of value in your house it is advisable to invest in a safe.

There are a wide range of different safe types, and the type of safe that you decide to have will be affected by how it is used.

Manual key safes sit high in the popularity stakes as they provide a high level of security and are not a complicated device to operate.

Electronic safes have grown in popularity as they cannot be opened without the input of the code rendering them more secure than a traditional key lock.

As modern technology advances biometric locks have been incorporated into safes with the lock not being released until the safe owners fingerprint is placed on the key pad.

Safes can be put in a number of different places within your domicile, with a hidden safe being more secure.

A wall safe can be incorporated into your home, and some homes will even be imbued with a floor safe.

So enlist the services of our skilled Dundee locksmith companies and have a safe installed.