Flooring & Carpet Fitters in Belfast

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Recruiting experienced Belfast flooring installers to lay hardwood flooring products for your house

If you need to bring a time honoured feel to one of the rooms in your property this can be achieved when you lay a hardwood floor. Hardwood is a flooring material that is in favoured material because of the selection of types that can be procured each with their own characteristics, shades and textures and your requirements will dictate the type you choose. Installing a hardwood floor can be an arduous task however, and our experienced Belfast tradesmen can be recruited to assist you in the job.

There are two favoured ways to instate hardwood floors, the primary method being the use of wood glue to fasten the wood to the ground, with the second being a number of discreetly placed nails to bind the wood to the ground, with the method that you choose being dependant on the floor you have in place. So enlist the skills of specialist floor fitters in Belfast and have gorgeous hardwood flooring without you having to break the bank.

Studded rubber flooring can be dispensed to create hard wearing floors anywhere from your domicile to a commercial sector building

Studded rubber is becoming an increasingly sought after flooring type for use in both domestic and commercial property.

The popularity of studded flooring made from rubber can be explained by all of its noteworthy characteristics.

Not only is it notoriously difficult to rip or tear but it is also able to produce high levels of friction making it a useful safety additive and rendering it a popular flooring type in a significant number of UK schools.

Laying it is not necessarily a difficult job but if you want to have a professional tradesman carry out the task you can enlist the services of our skilled professional flooring experts in Belfast.

As it is such an adjustable material rubber studded floor tiling is obtainable in an array of different colours and styles and can be cut to the exact specifications of your project.

So enlist trade specialists in Belfast and have studded rubber flooring at a price you can afford.