Chimney Sweeps in Shrewsbury

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Contracting the services of skilled professional chimney sweeps in Shrewsbury to smoke test your chimney

If you're aiming to build a new fire place or carry out maintenance work on a heating network already in place, a smoke test comes strongly advised.

Experienced Shrewsbury tradesmen are in place to to smoke test your flue and ascertain the nature of any leaks that may occur so that they may be fixed.

Fissures in your masonry may not be instantly noticeable and may only come to light after a smoke test is carried out.

Our skilled tradespeople can be appointed to administer a smoke test without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Various equipment that friendly chimney sweep firms use for sweeping chimneys

A dedicated chimney sweep expert will utilise various specialised tools to brush flues in chimney stacks to eliminate soot and tar residue. In addition to using brushes such as flexible nylon sweeping rods, knowledgeable Shrewsbury tradespeople will also use rotary cleaning machines for hard to reach flue walls, making sure that tar build-up are cleared for efficient draw air over the burning coal. Should you find your chimney brick flue has been blocked up with debris, then a dedicated chimney sweep firm will use CCTV technology to assess your single skin flue.

When brushing through chimneys with vacuums, skilled Shrewsbury trademen will endeavour to make sure that dust sheets have been lain over furniture and upholstery.