Chimney Sweeps in Plymouth

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A reliable chimney sweep will operate an assortment of equipment in the sweeping of chimneys

To efficiently carry out their work, our chimney sweeping firms in Plymouth operate a series of tools. With all the developments in the sophistication of chimney sweeping technology, sweeps are able to clean chimneys quicker and easier than in previous times.

We have local tradespeople in Plymouth who are spearheading the direction of the industry and due to this use a wide selection of tools to help them better perform in their work. Be it toolzone 400mm chimney sweeping brushes to clear away soot congestion or CCTV camera equipment to radically unblock your chimney breast, our talented tradesmen can be appointed to displace any blockages in your chimney and boost its competence levels at a price you can afford.

Employing experienced chimney sweeps in Plymouth to check your flue for leakages by performing a smoke test

A smoke test is highly recommended should you ever aspire to construct a brand new fireplace, or to carry out maintenance work on a heating network that was in place previously. We have talented tradesmen in Plymouth available to carry out a smoke test on your flue and to establish the location of any leaks so that they may be fixed. Breaks in your brickwork are not often apparent and may only be spotted after the completion of a smoke test.

So enlist the services of out experts to carry out a smoke test with the utmost care and diligence.