Chimney Sweeps in London

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Disused flue top caps are attached by experienced London chimney sweeping experts

A number of reasons can result in chimney redundancy from residing in a smoke free location to having an electric or gas fire instead of an open fireplace. Out of use chimneys can attract nesting animals or birds and cause damage to property structures from weather because of snow or rainfall entering chimney pots.

Chimney sweeps in London can prevent problems by attaching redundant flue caps. From models that are quick and easy to fit like C-Caps to stainless steel or terracotta Euro top guards, tradespeople in London can complete cowl installation to keep your home protected from cold weather draughts.

Also, persistent moisture around chimneys can further damp build up inside properties and create a dry/wet cycle that can mean chimney structures is negatively affected, with chimney lining breakdown and erosion of the stack.

Enlisting the services of skilled chimney sweeping experts in London to smoke test your chimney flue

It is heavily advised that a smoke test be undertaken if ever you come to add a brand new fire place, or to have maintenance work carried out on a pre-existing heating system. We have talented London tradesmen available to smoke test your flue and ascertain the whereabouts of any specific leaks so that they can be plugged. Breaks in your masonry may not be instantly spotted and you may only become aware of their existence upon the conclusion of a smoke test.

So enlist the services of out experts to carry out a smoke test sooner rather than later.