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Have a chimney cowl fitted by recruiting experienced chimney sweeping professionals

Heat can be prevented from leaving your house by reliable chimney sweeping firms in Cambridge with vast experience at chimney cowl installation.

In the absence of a good chimney cowl, large quantities of heat will be leaving your abode via your chimney.

On top of this, without a chimney cowl smoke from your fire grate can be forced back down the chimney passage and into your domicile.

Experienced tradesmen in Cambridge can fit chimney cowls without it costing you an arm and a leg.

An additional benefit is that the inauguration of a chimney cowl boosts the attractiveness of one of your abode's architectural features.

Tools and equipment that responsible chimney sweep firms use for sweeping chimneys

An expert chimney sweep expert will apply various specialised tools to clean chimney stacks to remove cooled fumes.

In addition to using brushes such as flexible nylon sweeping rods, knowledgeable tradesmen in Cambridge will also use rotary cleaning machines for bends in flue walls, ensuring that layers of soot are cleared for efficient draw air over the burning coal.

If your chimney brick flue has dislodged bricks and masonry causing a blockage, then a recommended chimney sweep company can utilise camera equipment to ensure clear flue pipes to discharge fumes.

When removing glazed soot and creosote from chimneys, tried and tested Cambridge tradespeople will make sure that that soot sheets have covered furniture and surfaces.