Chimney Sweeps in Bournemouth

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Hiring reliable professional chimney sweeps in Bournemouth to smoke test your chimney flue for leakages

When you're attempting to put in the setting of a fire place or to perform maintenance on a heating network already in place, a smoke test is a heavily recommended action. We have talented Bournemouth tradesmen available to smoke test your flue and ascertain the nature of any leaks that may occur in order to plug them.

Fractures in your masonry may not be instantly apparent and may only be spotted once a smoke test has been carried out. Our seasoned professionals can be recruited to administer a smoke test for less than you might think.

Bournemouth sweeps fit copper cowls for chimney pots

Established Bournemouth chimney sweeping firms can be employed to attach various chimney cowl types onto domestic property chimneys. One chimney cowl types that can be selected is a chimney cowl manufactured out of copper that may be either a chimney cowl for decorative purposes or chimney cowl for functional purposes.

Chimney cowls made from copper tend to be a popular choice because of the patina that develops over time, which looks attractive compared to other materials. So choose our time served Bournemouth tradesmen if you're in need of chimney cowl installation for your home's chimney pots.