Chimney Sweeps in Blackpool

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Employing skilled chimney sweeping experts in Blackpool to smoke test your chimney flue for leakages

Should you find yourself aspiring to construct a fire place or undertake maintenance on a heating network already in place, a smoke test is a strongly advised action.

We have skilled tradespeople in Blackpool at hand to implement a smoke test of your flue and to identify the location of any leaks in order to mend them.

Fissures in your masonry may not be instantly obvious and may only become recognised once a smoke test has been completed.

Our reputable experts can be contracted to undertake a smoke test at an easily affordable price.

Enlisting the services of talented chimney sweeping experts in Blackpool to undertake chimney inspections at you abode

When you're looking to have your chimney inspected, the services of reliable chimney sweeping experts in Blackpool can prove to be critical.

If it's been a while since you last used your chimney, a comprehensive chimney inspection comes heavily recommended.

Over the summer months blockages can develop within your chimney passage because of problems ranging from an accretion of dead leaves and rubbish to birds taking up residence.

By enlisting the services of our talented local tradespeople in Blackpool you can have a comprehensive chimney inspection of the breast of your chimney effected by a chimney sweep with a vast array of trade knowledge.