Chimney Sweeps in Ayr

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Recruiting reliable chimney sweeps in Ayr to clear chimney blockages

Chimney sweeping experts are employing ever more advanced ways to remove chimney blockages. An increasingly popular method of de-congesting chimney breasts is to bring in a chimney clearing log. A noteworthy number of chimney blockages are due to a build up of creosote, a chemical that is released when you burn wood and coal in your property's fireplace.

Creosote forms deposits which can restrict the flow of smoke and stop it escaping from the chimney breast of your domicile. Our experienced local tradespeople in Ayr can supply the chimney clearing logs to remove any blockages in the chimney passage of your property for less than you might think.

Why reliable sweeps in Ayr fit chimney pot cowls

Whether you live in a detached house or a terraced house in the town, cowls for chimneys may be needed and can solve a variety of problems with chimneys. Ayr sweeps can be employed to fit chimney cowls made from different materials and including different features according to your chimney type and the chimney issues you're experiencing. If creatures occupying your property concerns you or snow and rain getting down your chimney, Ayr tradespeople can attach different chimney cowl types for your domestic chimney.