Central Heating Specialists in Carlisle

Don't get left out in the Carlisle cold this winter (or summer in our case)! Get your home ready for whatever the great British weather has to throw at us by making sure you have a top notch central heating system.

Our central heating specialists in Carlisle can not only carry out essential maintenance but they can advise on installing ground source heat pumps or solar water heating to try and reduce your carbon footprint.

Whether you are suffering a breakdown or you are planing a new build, our Carlisle central heating specialists will soon get your flame firing.

If you want to use our free service all you need to do is let us know via our simple enquiry form and we will do all the hard work from there. What have you got to lose?

Energywise Plumbing and Heating Limited

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Recruiting central heating experts in Carlisle to dispense top class electric radiators

If you're looking into practical ways by which to raise the temperature of your house you may be considering furnishing it with electric radiators. Electric radiators are a prominent method of keeping one's house warm for a range of reasons.

Electric radiators have a superb energy efficiency level and as they do not require gas works and fittings, installation is often very cheap. So if you want to receive cheaper heating bills, use one of our Carlisle tradesmen to install highly efficient electric radiators.

Recruiting a reliable central heating specialist to repair a broken thermostat

The services of skilled central heating experts in Carlisle will be vital when a problem arises with your house's thermostat. We appreciate that there is no 'convenient' time for your home's thermostat to break.

That's why our tradesmen in Carlisle are at your disposal to carry out the task quickly, efficiently and at an easily affordable price. Whether its an issue with with your Salus wireless room thermostat, or an issue with the wiring on your Wickes room thermostat, our tradesmen can be recruited to complete the task.