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Using dummy CCTV cameras throughout your property

The services of a time-served CCTV and security specialist can be employed to fix on dummy CCTV camera units with panning action to discourage intruders from attempting break-ins. Various dummy CCTV cameras are available, created to replicate wired CCTV set ups, and that are used to stop non-authorised individuals from accessing your business residence.

Although replica video cameras are unable to provide continuous surveillance around your premises, replica security cameras are cheap and can be battery powered to include a LED light. Experienced Maidstone trades men can install dummy boxed CCTV cameras with outdoor housing and some dummy CCTV cameras even feature LED lights to suggest the presence of a real CCTV camera.

How security systems can be fitted

Whether you own a business or you rent a bungalow, there are a number of places security solutions and smoke alarms should be placed above doorways and on walls to deter burglars.

For wire free security alarm systems with external sirens, these can be positioned at various distances to sound an alarm when motion is detected via LED.

The services of an able CCTV and security professional can be employed to mount alarm systems with remote keypads on external walls of houses, or install solar powered twin security lights with adjustable sensitivity to effectively deter intruders.

Battery powered burglar alarms should be installed by trusted tradespeople in Maidstone onto garages and outbuildings, and approach surveillance lights can be used for protection on top of walls surrounding driveways.