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Whatever your woodwork needs, can find you the best Belfast carpenters and joiners that are local to you, completely free of charge.

From flooring to ceilings, kitchens to fitted bedrooms our team have been in the business for years and can work with your individual designs to create something special.

Whether it's your stairs and skirting or your outside decking – one of our Belfast carpenters and joiners can help.

Our experienced advisers are waiting to hear from you, simply tell us what you need and we will do the rest.

D McKenna Joinery

D Mckenna Joinery can deal with different types of work such as shop fitting, bar refitting, hotels and work on schools. We carry out maintenance...

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Using the services of a reputable joiner to restore your oak wooden flooring

For an owner of hardwood flooring minimal damage to the flooring is inevitable. Clearly it is better to deal with the damage rather than allowing it to escalate untreated. Joiners in Belfast are at your beck and call to reconstruct hardwood floors, for a fraction of the price it would cost to replace it in its entirety.

So act now before the damage increases recruit an established professional and restore your floor now. Run through a quote from Belfast tradesmen ASAP!

Enlisting the services of a reliable joiner for the building of door frames

The talents of a joiner are vital when you come to add a door frame to your home. No job is seen as insignificant by Belfast joinery specialists in your area. Perchance you need a general sized door frame fitting?

Or a more elaborate solid oak door frame? Regardless of the scale of the work tradesmen in Belfast are at hand to administer quality door frames for any demand. Various types of wood are on offer to choose from and experienced joiners in Belfast can provide joinery advice so the best product is installed in your house.