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The most unusual building in Watford is arguably the BRE building which has been built with energy efficiency in mind. A triumph of modern engineering it controls its own temperature and lighting, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of the structure. One of the more unusual projects builders can be retained to undertake, although this is likely to be less so as time passes.

Whether your building project is everyday run of the mill or uniquely individual there is a builder in Watford out there who can envisage the end result and provide the support and expertise needed to take you from planning to completion. That’s where come into their own as we have skilled professional Watford builders ready to plan you into their diary.

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WT Construction services Ltd

W and T Building Services is one of London's top House Extension and Loft Conversion contractors, we've been extending houses and business properties...

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Zenith roofing and building ltd

We are the LEADING Construction Contractor for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Kent! Consistently delivering on Quality - Price - Service:) What...

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Housemartin Roofing 'Old School Roofing Specialist'

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PJ Condon Building and Electrical Services

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