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Grand by name and Grand by nature..... the Grand Hotel in Scarborough has a stately air about it and was not only one of the first purpose built giant hotels in Europe but also one of the largest hotels worldwide on its completion in 1867. Now operating as a budget hotel, in its Victorian heyday it attracted the well heeled and originally had a time based theme with the 365 (days) rooms, 52 (weeks) chimneys , 12 (months) floors and 4 (seasons) towers.

Regardless of how you would like your construction project laid out, whether a new build or just an extension, repair or renovation, can link up with reliable expert builders in Scarborough who will provide a professional service from start to finish.

By supplying your basic project requirements and contact details you are guaranteed to be contacted as soon as possible by local Scarborough builders.

Jon Tindall Builders

I am a fully qualified, time served builder, who is local to the area with over 25 years experience in the building industry. Since completing...

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Yorkshire Build Ltd

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