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Coventry University has several campuses which demonstrate a wide range of building styles, from the 2011 award winning Hub to the Frederick Lanchester Building. The skills of the builders retained for the job can be seen in the polished look to the finished structures.

We at seek to connect the people of Coventry with expert local builders who can ascertain your requirements and complete the work to a professional standard.

To be connected with builders in Coventry we need the enquiry form completing with four brief details and the local tradespeople will get back to you as soon as possible.

S J M Services Ltd

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Warwickshire Builders Ltd

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Employing a reliable building firm to put up a garage for two cars

When you require a garage structure, dedicated Coventry tradesmen will be expert in performing the garage build. If you own a car and bikes, double garages will provide the room. Whether you need a matching sloping roof to maintain your property's exterior, or you require the garage solution to incorporate a workbench and your vehicle, a builder in Coventry can carry out the erecting the garage project.

A two car garage building can secure your cars and reinforce fully comp car insurance claims, meaning the trades men in Coventry building the garage will also install garage doors and build your garage as an extension.

Employing a building contractor to adapt cellars into living accommodation

Dependable builder in Coventry will execute updates in properties. Listed detached houses with ample cellar space should be utilised for living accommodation.

Should you require extra space for possessions, capable trades men in Coventry will acquire planning permission to fit out a bedroom and en-suite bathroom, including providing damp proofing for walls, and plumbing for bathroom facilities. Underground basements can be improved by practiced tradespeople in Coventry to provide storage in terraced houses and can have window grates fitted into sub basements to provide light and access into basements.