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UK Trade Awards 2014 Leaderboard

1DTD Interiors Ltd (Dave The Decorator)Painter & DecoratorNorth west EnglandProfile
2Johnston Handyman ServicesPainter & DecoratorScotlandProfile
3Decor AngelsPainter & DecoratorNorth west EnglandProfile
4Craig Brooks Painting & DecoratingPainter & DecoratorSouth west EnglandProfile
5Darren Notley Painting and DecoratingPainter & DecoratorWest midlandsProfile
6A.J.T DecoratorsPainter & DecoratorScotlandProfile
7Marshall Nightsky Ceilings.comPainter & DecoratorNorth west EnglandProfile
8R.S.Painter and decoratorPainter & DecoratorWest midlandsProfile
9LeedzdecorPainter & DecoratorYorkshire & the HumberProfile
10Marc Hoofe Painter & DecoratorPainter & DecoratorWest midlandsProfile
11AM BuilderPainter & DecoratorLondonProfile
12Cashman and TaylorPainter & DecoratorNorth east EnglandProfile
13London Maintenance Handy ServicesPainter & DecoratorLondonProfile
14Splash Of Colour ContractorsPainter & DecoratorScotlandProfile

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