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UK Trade Awards 2014 FAQs

What are the UK Trade Awards 2014

The UK Trade Awards are the first awards of their kind that are being ran by It has been launched to promote local, independent traders and give them the recognition they deserve. It's also an opportunity for businesses to receive free promotion from via all of the communication platforms that are used by the company. Winners will be able to use their accolade in all of their own marketing materials following the announcements made at the awards ceremony.

When do nominations open?

Nominations open from February 3rd and close on September 3rd 2014.

What information do I have to give to nominate myself or my company?

To nominate yourself or your company all you need is your name/company name and no more than a couple of sentences giving the reason why you deserve to be recognised.

Will it cost me anything to enter?

No, entering yourself or your favourite tradesperson is completely free.

What do I win?

Prizes will be announced throughout the year. But, along with the prize, winners will also:

  • Receive free promotion from's communications platforms
  • Receive a certificate and award with their achievement recognised
  • Be able to use their accolade on all in-house marketing material

How do my customers vote for me and how many times can they vote?

Once you have nominated yourself or your company, voting can commence. You can download the free templates on your profile area to give out and/or display in your place of work. It is then up to you to ask as many people as possible to vote for you by simply visiting your profile on the site and casting a vote. Users can only vote once for each tradesperson but can vote for as many tradespeople as they wish. The more votes received the more chance you have of winning the award.

How are the votes decided?

Votes are counted and verified by our independent adjudicators and will be based on the amount of votes received per individual business/ tradesperson and also on the reasons as to why you/ they have nominated.

Will I be able to check how many votes I have received.

Yes, all nominees will be able to see how many votes they have, however they will not be able to see any information on who has cast the vote for data protection.

Will there be marketing opportunities for my business if I nominate?

Yes, will ensure that all nominees are promoted via all the communications platforms available, including the local regional and national press where possible.

If you have further questions about the UK trade awards, please email