Wyevale’s 120 Stores To Stop Recycled Plant Pot Service

plastic plant potsThe Garden Centre Group, formerly known as Wyevale, has completely stopped their recycling service for plant pots, due to difficulties further down the recycling line.

The Garden Centre Group currently offered this service throughout the whole of their 120 shops and with around 500 million plastic plant pots being used every year, stopping this services is a worry not just for customers but for the environment as well.
One of the top directors has recently spoken out about the sudden change and why it has had to happen. The service has had to stop because the company canít find a recycling company that can cope because there are so many different types of plastics used in making plant pots. The service has been really popular with the customer base and the company will strive to sort out finding a suitable alternative to recycling the huge amount of plant pots which are being discarded.

There is some good news however, as the garden centre company Dobbies are still offering a recycling service at their stores. In each of their 26 stores you can find a signed crate to put your old plant pots in, and the company look to get these recycled with other plastic products, as well some of the waste being passed onto charities to get re-used, which is brilliant idea by the company and good for the community. Another company, Notcutts, actually use the recycled pots from their 19 garden centres to make new plant pots which they put their plants in, which then go on sale in the stores.

Further to these plant pot schemes, there is a new ‘Pot to Pot’ scheme being put in place by Axion recycling, in the hope of gathering pots throughout the country and turning them into plastic sheeting or new plant pots.

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