World Plumbing Council Launches World Plumbing Day

The World Plumbing Council, an organisation which aims to promote the importance of plumbing in public health and in preventing damage to the environment while at the same time bringing together the world’s plumbing organisations and industry bodies, have launched World Plumbing Day which will be held for the first time on 11th March 2010.

World Plumbing Day will become an annual diary date which will help raise public awareness of the health and safety aspects of the plumbing industry in reducing diseases carried by water, ensuring safe and clean water supplies and the disposal of waste water and sewage, as well as the ways in which the plumbing industry can help reduce different countries’ carbon footprints. In addition, the World Plumbing Council hopes to increase people’s knowledge and understanding of the important roles many people play in the plumbing industry, including plumbing engineers and inspectors, plumbing equipment manufacturers and academics with industry expertise.

The World Plumbing Council has also launched a website to promote World Plumbing Day and help both plumbing organisations from around the world, and other interested organisations who want to help promote the importance of plumbing for health and safety reasons or because of its role in protecting the environment and natural resources such as water supplies, to find information about the day and advise on the sorts of activities that people could organise for the day.

Robert Burgon, the Chairman of the World Plumbing Council said,

“In developing countries, many people have yet to discover the real difference that plumbing can make. WPC hopes that newspapers and all other forms of media will help many more people to understand that our industry is a key player in so many aspects of society.”

WPC suggest a number of activities that individuals and organisations could get involved with, from sending letters to their newspapers (for which a template is provided on the World Plumbing Day website), publishing plumbing day specific articles in plumbing publications they are responsible for, or dedicating March issues to World Plumbing Day, holding special plumbing day events, or contacting politicians and asking them to propose motions in favour of celebrating the cause. The Scottish Parliament has already received a motion supported by 10 politicians that was lodged on 12th February.

Other suggestions include organising talks in schools to educate children about the plumbing industry and the important role it plays, and promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable plumbing practices. These could include rainwater harvesting technology installation for domestic or commercial properties, supply and installation of low flush toilets, flow restrictors or regulators for taps or grey water collection.

The site also provides fact sheets which provide information about the different health and environmental aspects of plumbing, including the provision of clean drinking water, inspection of water supplies, water reuse, limiting water usage, solar water heating and desalination technology. At a time when concerns over the amount of fresh water that is available for people to drink is increasing and has the potential to affect many countries, it is ever more important to increase awareness of the measures that are in place to protect our water supplies and those that could be put in place to provide a secure source of fresh water for the world’s population for years to come.

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