Why Should I Join localtraders.com?

There are a number of reasons why you might think you donít need to join a service such as localtraders.com, such as already having a number bookings for carrying out work for customers, being part of another enquiry generating service, already having your own website, or because you receive the majority of your work from previous customer recommendations so you donít spend money advertising.

If this sounds like you, STOP!

Donít dismiss the idea of joining localtraders.com until youíve read the below.

At localtraders.com we only work with the best local tradespeople so we want tradesmen who pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, who are reputable and reliable and are keen to promote themselves and their business based on the friendly, professional service they provide. For that reason, tradespeople who receive a large amount of their work by word of mouth are exactly who weíre looking for.

If you already have a lot of work booked in, our service can benefit you by generating quality leads which enables you to choose which jobs you prefer to carry out. Although we encourage tradespeople who want to make the most out of the service to respond to as many of the enquiries that we forward to them as possible, you have control over which jobs you want to do, whether thatís because you specialise in loft conversions or because you want some smaller jobs to fit in around your larger projects to generate some extra cash. Because we donít charge a fee for each lead sent to you, and you donít have to pay any commission on the jobs you carry out Ė you simply pay the 6 monthly fee to be part of our service Ė itís easy to see how our service can pay for itself and be generating additional income for your company within a very short period of time.

The other benefit to being part of our service is that at a time when many people are concerned about making sure the tradespeople they hire and let into their home are reputable and trustworthy, the fact that we pre-vet tradespeople means that customers can be confident that the tradesmen who contact them can be relied on to meet their needs. Customers are therefore less likely to shop around and go elsewhere. This is especially important at a time when more and more reports are coming in of rogue traders operating in different areas of the UK and from different industries, from cowboy builders to driveway and paving scams and cold callers trying to sign residents up to security and CCTV contracts. Our pre-vetting process (which wonít cause you inconvenience or take up a large amount of your time in terms of what we need you to do) means that customers know they have a decent tradesperson and they donít need to worry about being ripped off.

As more and more people are using the internet to find the answer to their needs, many tradespeople now have their own websites so customers can find their details. The only drawback to this is that unless your potential customers already know that your business and your website exist, it is not likely to generate a significant amount of work for you. Thatís where the expertise of a site like localtraders.com comes in because we receive a large number of visitors who find the site through Google searches, and who then submit enquiries through the site. Localtraders.com appears on the front page of Google Ė in the top 10 Ė for a vast number of keyword searches, and these customers then send us information about work they need doing which means that customersí details can then be forwarded to you so you can provide the services they require.

If youíre already part of an enquiry generating service, that doesnít mean you canít sign up to localtraders.com. We provide unique aspects to tradespeople compared to similar services which is one reason so many tradesmen across the UK are joining up to our service. You just pay a subscription fee each 6 months and then sit back and wait for the enquiries to come to you Ė quick and simple.

There are no charges for messages received, no drawn out bidding processes that result in charges to you whilst not guaranteeing you get the work, and no commission to pay on any jobs you quote for. We simply send you the enquiry and you arrange the rest with the customer.

So if youíre a reliable and quality local tradesperson working in the UK and want to be part of our service so you can help customers in your location who need your assistance and expertise, submit your details on the tradesperson enquiry form and weíll contact you to discuss how we can help your business grow.

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