Uneven Tesco Floor Fixed With Quick Drying Floor Screed

A Birmingham branch of Tesco has had a new fast drying floor screed applied after it’s uneven floor caused major problems for customers pushing shopping trolleys around the store. On top of the annoyance caused, it posed a significant threat to the health and safety of those using the store.

Tesco have said that whilst they were keen on the idea that the repairs would be carried out quickly and with minimal disruption, their primary concern was that this was a permanent fix that would not require further work later on.

RMC Mortars Limited applied their Ronafix modified screed, pumping the mortar into a 75m line at a thickness of 65mm. The screed had dried within 24 hours enabling customers to safely walk upon it, and the job was then completed 4 days later when tiles were laid on top of the screed.

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