Rochdale Tradesmen Trained for Green Building Technology

solar panelled roof Over thirty tradesmen are being trained in installing greener equipment into homes in Rochdale by using a house intended for demolition.

Training is given in all manner of different trades, ranging from electricians right the way through to plumbers. The aim is to teach the tradespeople about all the various techniques that surround installing efficient solutions such as solar hot water systems.

They have also been given the chance to put their newly learnt skills to practice by physically installing some of the equipment into an abandoned home that is awaiting demolition in the area of Waddleworth.

The whole scheme has been put together by various training companies and also through local business donations. The funding is being provided by Rochdale Council, and the project has been organised by a labour into construction initiative called J21, which covers both Rochdale and Oldham and even the scaffolding used is donated by an Oldham Scaffolding Firm called GT Scaffolding.

Rob Lynch, who works for J21, said To get the best experience we looked for an empty property where the trainees could get a hands-on opportunity to practice installing panels, including all the practical plumbing and electrical skills required.

The aim of the overall training scheme is to not only equip local tradesmen with the necessary skill sets to handle such technology but to also get them one step ahead of the game and get them prepared for a part of their industry that is ever growing in their market.

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