Bellway Sees Signs Of Housing Recovery

House BuildingHousebuilder Bellway have reported increases in sales and selling prices in its interim accounts, discouraging opinions that the housing market is slowly recovering.

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Builder Crushed By Brick Clamp Receives Internal Injuries

For self employed tradesmen the thought of a long lay off due to injury is the last thing they need financially, however for Peter Hoy, 45, this became a reality when assisting a delivery driver, Mark Pratten.

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Belfast Builder Forced To Repay £800,000 Personal Guarantee

A County Down builder has had an £800,000 personal guarantee enforced by the High Court after he had hoped that a ‘clerical error’ would help him by referring to a different company. The owner of Euro Construction Corporation, Raymond Acheson, who is from Waringstown, was chased by Ulster Bank against borrowings from his company. Ulster Bank called in the guarantee in November 2009, when the business went into administration owing £2.7 million.

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Regeneration Work On Norman Castle Due To Begin

A Colchester castle is in urgent need of repair, with some parts of its walls actually falling down. The castle, which is the oldest Norman Keep in Europe, will need a £750,000 refurbishment grant in order to get back up to the required standard of safety. Read more…

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Builders Last To Be Hit By Recession

When a recession hits, tradesmen up and down the country are affected as people look to tighten their purse strings and put any developments on hold.

However it is often pointed out that builders are often the last type of trade to be effected due to their long lead times. With this in mind they are also often the last recover due to people being reluctant to have new builds, or extensions added to their homes until the financial climate has settled and lending becomes more available.

Barbour ABI released some figures that were gathered for the Financial Times pointing to what could be seen as a second hard spell for the industry. The figures gathered show a slump and itís a very prominent one as orders have dropped by 40% over the past 12 months. The figures are mainly due to larger contracts not being followed through by council and government bodies and this was explained by Jonathan Hook, global head of construction at PwC. ďIt is the end of the money coming through from government stimulus and no one knows if, when, and to what extent, the private sector will come back.Ē

The smaller contractors normally remain quite steady as they donít have to lay off large numbers of sub contractors or workers when compared to larger firms. They also tend to have quite steady work from people they are familiar with, but when it comes to larger jobs, the competition is very fierce and can often be very difficult to compete.

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New Government Scheme to Encourage Property Developments

house buildA new government scheme is to come into play with £1.5 billion being paid annually to develop new properties within communities. The plan is that the money the government have set aside will help local communities help boost their local resources by helping to choose what the investments should go on, and instead of saying no to new build developments they will actually back them;† giving the country as a whole a much needed economical boost.

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Britain’s Most Expensive Block Of Flats Opens in London

london skylineOver the past few years the economy has experienced a down-turn, and it is probably most noticeable in the building industry. Not so long ago, new sites for the development of new homes ceased to progress, as many people couldnít get loans to do extensive home developments.

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Burnley Builder Fined for Ignoring Building Site Regulations

building siteA builder in the Burnley location will be fined due to negligence of the conditions on the site where he was working . Michael Connolly had been notified numerous times by the HSE inspectors to provide toilet and washing facilities for his staff, which he had ignored consistently, meaning that further action had to be taken.

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