Scottish Government Extend Boiler Scrappage Scheme

boiler scrappage schemeThe Scottish Government has made a positive step in turning the country green by adding an additional £1m worth of funding through the boiler scrappage scheme. The move complements the competitive uptake of vouchers from the previous year’s scrappage scheme which was officially launched in March 2010.
The scheme allows home owners and tenants to claim £400 towards the cost of replacing their old inefficient boiler with a new eco friendly, energy saving trust recommended boiler. Even though the scheme is open now, applicants are being advised to obtain a written quote from an installer before applying. It has been estimated that around 250,000 homes in Scotland have an inefficient boiler of the lowest category (efficiency of less than 70%) which is why the government is pushing the scheme for another year.
The boiler scrappage scheme subsidises the cost of upgrading the heating in a home to enable a reduction on heating bills and to ultimately cut carbon emissions, although there have been no plans to reintroduce the scheme in England or Wales.

There are a few criteria you must abide to to be eligible for the subsidy such as you must be replacing the boiler with a SAP2005 efficiency of less than 70%. You must also be installing in its place an energy saving trust (ESTR) boiler or a microgeneration certification scheme such as solar panels. A list of ESTR boilers can be found on the energy saving trust website.
Other criteria apply which can be found on the energy saving trust website or you can get in touch with your local council for more information

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