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As we share news stories with visitors every day, we thought you might like to know a little more about the people behind the content with a few of our likes and dislikes and our favourite types of tradespeople.

Craig - down to earth bloke – likes skydiving, fast cars and plenty of sun – the hotter the better; dislikes paperwork; favourite tradesperson – Roofers

Sarah - self declared eco-hippy – likes playing guitar, gardening and walking in the rain; dislikes housework; favourite tradesperson – Central Heating Specialists

Kay – self proclaimed fashion addict – likes French food and cinema, classical history and travelling; dislikes bad manners; favourite tradesperson – Painters and Decorators

Dan J – big bald bearded Brummy! Trained Martial Artist with a rebellious side. Likes yo-yo’s, dislikes people; favourite tradesperson – Carpenters and Joiners

Andy – can shoot a rabbit at 500 yards – likes shooting, guns and money; dislikes having no money; favourite tradesperson – Pest Control

Alex - temperamental prima donna – likes spending time with his son, football and socialising; dislikes losing and not getting his own way; favourite tradesperson – Plumbers

Phil - a new family man – likes family, films and music; dislikes mushrooms; favourite tradesperson – Gardeners

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