New Radiant Boiler Range Launched By Extraheat Ltd

boiler systemA brand new range of wall and floor condensing boilers are being launched by Radiant in the UK through the Extraheat Ltd brand.

The flagship range of Radiantís A-rated Ekoflux pre-mix condensing boilers offers open vent and system models, as well as combi boilers for instant and stored hot water production. The company has stated outputs of 25kw to 34kw models for the domestic market and have had major improvements on storage models featuring Radiantís innovative Duopass system.

Improving efficiency has been paramount to the development and implementation of the new range of boilers. This has been achieved by adding an indirect coil within the store coupled with an extra heat exchange, which means it can utilise more of the generated heat as well as continue to condense even in hot water mode. Faster response times and continued high flow rates and key points on the new Duopass systems and is available on all storage models from 8 to 200 litres. The larger storage models will also be solar capable which will please the eco-friendly consumer looking for a new boiler.

Heat-only models will be also available and will offer outputs from 18kw to 100ok with the option of being cascaded to provide up to 800kw. These particular models come with a range of accessories, such as additional flue components and user-friendly control units.

For more information regarding the new range then contact Extraheat Ltd in the UK; a company which is established in the UK heating industry and the directors of the company intend to deliver premium customer service.

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